macOS developer setup
Last update : 27/08/2018 (this note is a Work In Progress)

Partial list tools I've installed on my new mac (actually old mac with a new hard disk)


First thing to install is homebrew, which allow installing a lot of other tool via the command-line. Installing brew will also install xcode command-line tools. See

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Then, here is a list of tools to be installed with brew :

brew install curl
brew install wget
brew install node
brew install python3
brew install watch
brew install nmap
brew install moreutils


Powerline-shell is a colored and fancy prompt for your favorite shell.

Quick install instructions : pip install powerline-shell

And then edit the .bash_profile and add : function updateps1() { PS1=$(powerline-shell $?) }

if [[ $TERM != linux && ! $PROMPT_COMMAND =~ _update_ps1 ]]; then

The powerline shell prompt uses a unicode character as segment separator, which is displayed nicelier if a proper font is used.

 git clone

And then in the directory :

 sudo ./

You can now configure your Terminal app to use one of the newly installed fonts.

other tool to install

git commit workflow

Comprehensive blog post on setting up a neat git commit workflow :

git config --global core.editor = "sublime -n -w $1:2"
git config --global commit.template "/Users/example/.config/git/commit-msg-template"