Geek, Dad, Photograph wannabe, Radioamateur. I love playing around with Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and other electronic stuffs. Trying to get started with FPGA / verilog ; trying to get started with SMD soldering. A bit of DIY, a bit of code, a bit of hardware = my projects.

My projects (things that work somehow)

Online password strength checker

Christophe Maillot

A online tool that checks the strength of your password, and its likelyhood to be guessed by a third party attacker. Includes AI powered advanced server-side algorithm.

(or not)


anyhost.fr : wildcard dns

Christophe Maillot

The 'anyhost.fr' domain is configured so that <anything>.<a>_<b>_<c>_<d>.anyhost.fr resolves to a.b.c.d (IPv4 only)

For instance :

  • www.192_168_4_2.anyhost.fr resolves to
  • printer.10_0_0_3.anyhost.fr resolves to
  • mycomputer.192_168_0_1.anyhost.fr resolves to

The <anything> component must be a sequence of letters and numbers (no dots, no symbols, ...)

Material design color palette

Christophe Maillot

The material design color palette as a computer parsable CSV file.

The Github Project

The CSV File

My notes (sort of/almost blog posts)


How I, as a developer, set up my brand new mac


Command-line instructions to flash a Raspbian from a Mac, and other tips